Back to Balance

Weather, diet, stress - these are just some of the culprits that risk throwing our delicate skin out of balance and into whack mode. Though we can't always avoid falling out of balance we can get back there just a little quicker with the help of a very special compound know as Cannabidiol or CBD for short. CBD is one of those great new discoveries that's going to change the way we care for our skin.

Now I'm guessing that unless you've been off the grid chances are you've seen or heard CBD.  Maybe you even wondered "What's CBD?" but between insta feeds and candy crush you just didn't have time to head down that rabbit hole. So let me fast-track you to the good stuff. 

CBD is one of the better known phytochemicals out of roughly 100 discovered in the hemp plant (Cannabis plant family), known as phytocannabinoids. These special "noids" are a natural and healing chemical compound that interact with endocannabinoids, which are naturally produced by our bodies and are similar to phytocannabinoids. When these two love birds meet it is Home Sweet Homeostasis! Which is just another way of saying these two help each other stay stable internally, even while life gets a little rocky externally.

Take your skin back to balance and give Daily Gold Facial Crème a chance to be your new love affair. 

Welcome to the New Movement in Health and Beauty


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