We told you that VerVefy Daily Gold was gonna change the way you care for your skin. But showing you is so much more fun and scary!

VerVefy recently received our official Tox Screen from the brilliant team at The Good Face Project.  We are proud to say we are the very 1st CBD Infused beauty product ever to be rated under their stringent guidelines. 

For those of you not familiar with the GFP, lets start with the fact that these women know what it takes to give non-bias, scientific facts when deciphering what's in your beauty routine. Besides being moms and women who use beauty products they are also techies, math geeks and go getters! Their bottom line philosophy is facts not opinions.

So when we approached them to rate us we were definitely nervous! Not because we didn't believe that we had created a quality product we could proudly call green, clean and share with you.  But because no matter how confident we were there were two big unknowns.

1. We would be their first officially, scientifically rated CBD Infused product. First is scary.

2. Science is scary.

With deep breaths and the ever prevailing sense of wanting to throw-up we moved forward and went first! Paving the way for the next CBD maker, letting you know it's looking good out there - scientifically speaking.

It's never easing traversing an unworn path but we are so glad we did! Check out our Tox Screen results here:

DAILY GOLD FACIAL CRÈME + GFP Clean Beauty Index Grade



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