Honest Conversations - By Philip Rebentisch

A CBD revolution is underway in America as people once again discover the hemp plant’s vast, bountiful uses for health, wellness, and other wide-ranging possibilities.

CBD is transformational and empowering in a myriad of ways, and we’re just beginning to understand its many potential health benefits. Once a staple in our country, hemp’s rebirth benefits us all, and spreading the word through education is the key. To that end, honest conversations in safe, welcoming environments provide an essential space for adults both young and old to listen, learn, and share their thoughts about CBD, cannabis, and the potential they offer.​ VerVefy​ co-founders Charly Rowan and Cheyana Van Dender put these words into action by hosting intimate community events centered on CBD Infused Beauty. Their mission is to elevate and expand your knowledge about all things CBD, and the role it plays in creating clean, healthy cosmetic products.

“​I wanted a non-judgmental, safe space.”​ ⎼ Lauren Stanfield

Chey and Charly’s inaugural “​High Hopes for Green in 2019​” event took place on January 26, 2019, at​ The Space​, in Venice, CA. Considered a second home for the health conscious community, the venue itself helped set the tone for the late afternoon event. This will be a common thread for future events as Chey and Charly hope to recreate a sense of belonging, peace, and curiosity no matter where they hold their events. 


“​This event mixes two of my loves together, medical marijuana and beauty products. I want to know what’s trending.​” ​⎼ ​Tiffany Collins, a cancer survivor who used medical cannabis to offset chemotherapy’s intense side effects.

The Space was nearly at capacity on a late Saturday afternoon. A diverse crowd turned out, ranging from young college students to adults age fifty and above, encompassing both women and men. Most had heard about CBD but wanted to explore it and cannabis products as well. 

“​I use a CBD ointment to help with pain relief and help me sleep. I grew up in a holistic household with my grandmother growing herbs in the garden. I have two daughters in the nursing profession, one of whom specializes in dermatology for skin cancer. I’m encouraging her to learn more about holistic medicine.” ​⎼ ​Joy Roy

Prior to the planned panel discussion, vibrant conversations took place for nearly an hour.  It didn’t feel like a traditional networking vibe - the energy and ambiance leaned towards shared experiences with cannabis, hemp, and CBD.  

Guests were treated to incredible, CBD-infused hors d'oeuvres catered by the multiple award-winning, cannabis chef extraordinaire,​ Chef Matt Cooks.

As one would expect, the beer and wine pairings complimented the delicate fare, and by the time the panelists took the stage, everyone was in an excellent mood with open minds. 

A Fireside Chat at Sunset 

As the sunset filled the expansive room with soft, colorful undertones, the featured panelists took their seats. Charly warmly welcomed and thanked everyone for coming out in the middle of a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Then it was time for the panel session. Chey, Charly, and Nicole arranged for Anna Duckworth, Editor in Chief of​ Miss Grass​, along with​ The Good Face Project’s​ CEO Iva Teixeira, and CTO Skliarova Mordvinova, to share their insights about cannabis, CBD, and clean, high-quality CBD beauty products.

“​Your skin is a big sponge, so why would you want to put something on it that is not helpful​?” ​ ⎼ Chey Van Dender

Chey served as the moderator and began with Anna who is highly enthusiastic about CBD Infused Beauty. Anna has a genuine spark to her personality, a quick smile, and you find yourself grinning almost immediately when listening to her. She commented that CBD beauty lines are beginning to ramp up and that tremendous change is occurring, even from just one year ago.

Anna also pointed out that educational efforts are just starting, and that authenticity is critical to any product or relationship in the CBD and cannabis communities. “​The beauty industry has the power to change the CBD industry. It’s about building community and having honest conversations. For any CBD product, authenticity is the key​.” Anna and Chey also spent several important minutes discussing the role of social equity in the cannabis community. Anna said that “​we must always honor and respect those who came before us​.” She also poignantly noted that many people served jail or prison time in the failed, racist, and futile War on Drugs. 

How Clean is Clean? 

I’m supporting new CBD beauty products, and I want to learn more about the science behind it​.” ⎼ ​Erica Lippy

Chey then began a conversation with Iva and Skliarova from the Good Face Project. Their company provides unbiased, cosmetics safety information to help educate consumers about beauty product ingredients. They are not a testing lab, but data analysis is the core of what they do. GFP creates an ingredient list for each product they review and base their product scores on the actual product ingredients.

GFP backs up their findings with data from 21,000 scientific research sources including U.S. government publishing institutions such as PubMed, PubChem, the FDA or by a handful of international consumer and environmental protection agencies. They give high clean scores, like those awarded to VerVefy, wholly upon the concept of “thoughtful formulations.” Dirty scores are given to those products with increased levels of allergens, irritants, hormonal disruptors, and carcinogens. VerVefy was the first company to bring CBD-infused beauty products to GFP for testing, and the results were simply astounding. GFP rated them a grade higher than many so-called clean beauty products, including those without CBD as an ingredient. VerVefy earned such good scores that Iva told the audience “​GFP is here to support VerVefy as one of the brands we believe is really clean​.” Transparency, trust, and faith in their clean beauty products are the core of VerVefy’s ethos. Now, independent, real-world scientific results validate Charly’s and Chey’s aspirations. 

Iva went on to say that “​basic ingredients are what cause cosmetics to be dirty and not helpful for your skin. Some preservatives are needed and that’s OK. It’s others, like parabens, that cause problems​.” Iva, Skliarova, and Chey stayed on this topic for several minutes, encouraged by questions from the audience. Iva concluded by saying that “​most people don’t consider skin as a vital organ, but it is. In fact, it is the largest organ of the human body, yet it is also the most vulnerable. It helps with our breathing and our metabolism. Skin can’t fight back, so you don’t want to put inferior products on it​.” 

A New Community Forms

“​I have a new interest in cannabis and I want to know more about it. CBD speaks to where beauty is going and it will become a thing. There is a revolution across the country and I want to know more​. ​I got so much more information than I expected from this event. ​ ⎼ ​ ​Victoria Lacy

A good sign for any successful event is when it officially ends, nobody leaves. That’s exactly what happened as many people formed small groups and continued the conversations with the panelists, Charly, Chey, and Nicole from ​Cultivated Experiences​ as well as The Space’s owner, Vanessa Van Overmeer.
Many thanks go out to Vanessa and The Space, Anna, Iva and Skliarova, Chef Matt, Nicole, and VitaDreamz​ CBD sleep aids.

Visit our website at ​www.vervefy.com​ or connect with us on ​Facebook​ and ​Instagram​ to learn more about us, and find out about our next event. ​Until then, keep your hopes high!

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