What the heck is  #SheBurnout? 

Great question. Problem is you already know the answer.

You ever said or thought this? “No one can do it my way”

These 7 words were my way of taking Captain of the Ship. For 11 years I was "In Charge".  Controlling everything that came and went in my home.  From every well planned meal, every after-school or summer activity, and every toilet that needed to be cleaned. My mantra became “I GOT THIS”.

The house, the kid, the career and the WORLD. "I got this, I can handle everything!"

Problem was I really couldn't and I needed help.  For the past 11 years I had been an employee with a flexible schedule, allowing me to also play the role of Stay at Home Mom for my child and husband and also wearing the hat of an active Mompreneur.  Was I busy? Yea! But could I, should I complain? Absolutely not! I had s**t to do and I was the only one capable of getting it done. Or so I thought.

As the duties mounted and the dirty toilets grew endless I began to learn what it means to live in the #SheBurnout. In fact, most women live in burn-out mode and many are too busy to recognize it. Or if they do recognize it, they are too busy to deal with one more thing. And so goes the exhaustive cycle of burn-out. But how do we get off the wheel?

Let's start by understanding our story.

We women have come so far in our careers and our families, but there is still some distance to walk. We are still struggling to gain rights back to our own bodies and still learning to bravely speak our truths in the face of ridicule. The last thing we want is to lose any piece, even the tiniest piece of our proclaimed accomplishments all because we got too tired to fight.  We are afraid if we show "them" we can't do it, "they" will take it away from us.  These fears run through us deep and it's not as simple as giving up control of our toilets.  But it is as simple as starting there.

When we give ourselves permission to ask for help we actually grow stronger. Stronger because in that simple act of hiring a house cleaner or getting that part-time nanny we not only took back our time but we also showed the women in our life that its okay to ask for help. We can't nurture or rule the world if there is nothing in us left to give. Let someone else slay the toilet monsters so we can slay the #SheBurnout and change the story to #SheTurnOut.


Welcome to the New Movement in Health and Beauty


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