Who Are You?

After yesterdays immersion into self love, today's hangover has doubts creeping in as to who we really are?  As women and moms daring to build something new in this growing sea of green businesses, there are some days when the task seems all too daunting.  Those are the days when we hang our heads and wonder "who do we think we are to do this"?  Yet, as low and yucky as those days of doubt can get we keep coming back to the truth of who we really are. Quite simply we're just two women, friends, moms and all that goes with that, feeling scared everyday, but doing it anyway. 
That's the magic sauce. Just doing the work. It isn't sexy and it's scary as a heck and neither of us has a clue where this will go or how it will end. But we know one thing. We can count on each other to just keep showing up.  And you can count on us to cheer you on!  Whether you're in a start up or considering a start up, we believe in you.  On those days of doubt when you want to sink into the sofa and disappear, we believe in you. On the days when the last thing you want to hear is another no, we believe in you.  During the sleepless nights and exhausting mornings, we believe in you. And when you get that win, we believed in you the whole time.

So Who Are We?

We are women who stand for lifting each other up and not knocking each other down. We are women standing together for a stronger tomorrow. We are women standing with the women, the mothers, the friends building dreams against the tide of other peoples impossibilities. We are women who believe in each other and you.

We are VerVefy. Join the Movement.

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