You Elevated A lululemon + VerVefy Event by Philip Rebentisch

As the sun set over the lululemon athletica store at Fashion Island and the day eased into the evening, another kind of transformation took place in Newport Beach, California. The business of commerce evolved into the spirit of community for the YOU ELEVATED event. VerVefy Infused Beauty created an evening of wellness education around CBD and the role it plays in a healthy lifestyle. The theme was to come as you are but leave elevated in mind, spirit, and body.

Guests waited in a line out the door for the evening to begin. Inside the store, VerVefy Co-Founders, Charly Rowan and Cheyana Van Dender directed the choreography of transforming the store as CBD companies, chefs, and sponsors set the stage for mind and body healing.

Jessica Burch, Store Manager, said that lululemon loves to collaborate. “Charly and Chey approached us and we were not only interested, but we were also intrigued. CBD is part of health and wellness similar to the lululemon lifestyle. This was something new, innovative and we wanted to be part of it.”

To start things off, Brenna Dywer of Class Relieve created a pop-up healing center in the lululemon space by turning individuals into a community.

Leading everyone through a half hour series of breathing and movement exercises, Brenna set the tone for the evening. “Get out of your thinking mind and get into your body.”

As her session ended, Brenna added that “Change does not happen if you don’t change your mind. Thank you all for trying something different.” Guests were very open to Brenna’s message. Sara Rodriguez said “I just want to learn about CBD. It’s trendy, but there is more to it, like where does it come from?”

Cassie Piasechi continued Sara’s sentiment. “If you go to a drugstore, how do you really know what’s in the product you’re buying? This is an opportunity to learn from other people.” Cassie’s husband Jack chimed in by saying he attended because he loves his wife. Cassie and Sara promptly rewarded him with laughter and warm smiles.   

Peggy Lee mentioned that “lululemon is cutting edge and is also good at bringing people in at the beginning of things. This is about opening people’s minds and having a feeling of openness.” Theclia Perez said she was a first timer to this type of event. “My niece is teaching me about CBD. I have a completely open mind and I want to learn more.”

After Brenna warmed up the crowd, Cheyana welcomed the panelists to their seats. Michelle Patterson (in white), Chief Experience Officer of MyJane led things off. “We are helping women lead their best life.” MyJane curates and vets cannabis products directed to women seeking relief from pain, anxiety, and getting better sleep. “It is up to you to feel better. I want all of you to be a part of what we’re doing.” Kim Kovak, MyJane’s CEO later expressed the sentiment of “own your wellness.”

Will McMahon, Brand Manager for Bhang Chocolate (in pink), shared his knowledge of the science behind CBD and how it interacts with our body’s natural endocannabinoid system. “CBD helps your body stay in balance, known as homeostasis, by activating our body’s cannabinoid receptors that are already within us. We need education and more events like this to overcome the stigma of cannabis.”

 Lyna Thompson, founder of the  420 Book Society (in the black jacket), began the The 420 Book Society as a monthly book service to help people learn more about the benefits of cannabis. Her work has garnered her acknowledgement as an Amazon Influencer.

Rico Tarver, Partner, CBDaily Eats and Founder of CannaGatherLA and OCBDSundays (in blue), told the guests that “Cannabis has saved my life three times. Twice when I was dealing with an opioid addiction after a college football career, and once following a diagnosis of a non-cancerous tumor. Cannabis helped me lose weight, get healthy, and turn my life around.”

Chey ended the panel session by reminding the crowd that “Our skin is our biggest organ. We really wanted to create a skincare line that is good for you. We truly have a clean beauty line that we stand behind to help us heal women.” Unknowingly answering the questions posed by Cassie and Sara, Chey said “You have to know where your hemp products are coming from. What is the source? People get so caught up in the marketing, in the images of who they think they should be. We want people to buy products that are good for them.”

Following the panel discussion, Chef Matt (center), Founder, CBDaily Eats and Chef Matt Cooks,  provided a wonderful array of appetizers and delicate desserts.

I must admit that in order to get the full story of this event it was my duty to sample everything that Matt and his diligent crew provided. It was a wise decision as I savored each bite and went home happy.

As the guests ate and chatted it was clear that the YOU ELEVATED event lived up to its billing as the cheerful, post-panel vibe was all about thankfulness.

Three Wells (live well, be well, do well) is an educational online platform demystifying cannabis for adults. CEO Gregg Apirian (right) talked about the need for educating people about cannabis. “We help mature adults on their journey of discovery and serve them as a trusted resource. This kind of event is perfect for having open conversations about cannabis in a safe, friendly environment.”

Charly and Chey understand that CBD plays a vital role for people seeking better health and wellness. Events like this provide an opportunity for authentic CBD and cannabis companies to share their knowledge and provide direction. As Brenna reminded us, “Change won’t happen if you don’t change your mind.” Those are words to live by.


Philip Rebentisch is the founder of Gotta Story Media which specializes in cannabis educational marketing. He is also the host of the podcast Cannabis For the Rest of Us available on Apple Podcasts and on the GSM website.

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